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KinetiK returns Saturday Oct 11th

Author: Heath Myers
Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Ooohhh eeerrr…did someone say dirty!!!

KinetiK returns Saturday Oct 11th kranking up the filth-o-meter as we present


…an excursion into brown sounds, robotik grooves, disco-durge, punk funk, chunky breakz 'n' klicky elektronix.

Super-stylin turntable trickster AGENT 86 gets set to grind out a slather of seriously dirty beatz accompanied by bonus guests d-JCB (Konsept) slapping out zany elektro and dirty tek; and Max Grill (*KL!CK*, Bottom Heavy) pounding out the fattest party jams this side of Monbulk.

KiNETiK residents Heath Myers and Shane Ford have set their circuitry for added sub-subsonic impact so strap on your stompin' boots and get set for extra FATness.

Basement Clubbing, Cheap Entry, cracking sound, chill out zones, solid krew, cheap drinks and most importantly diverse Quality Tunes.

Sat Oct 11th
10pm - 6am
$12 Entry / $10 Guestlist
"Deep 11" The Mercat Cross Hotel,
456 Queen St Melbourne, entry opp Vic Markets.

First to two people to reply receive free entry and a drink card.