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Kashpoint's NYE- The Most Awful Night Of The Year-

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Electro-trash/ theatrical impresario Mathew Glamorre has decided to break his self-imposed embargo on promoting on New Year's Eve, he told Skrufff this week, and will be hosting his first NYE party for 10 years.

"As a rule I never do parties on NYE, because it's always such an appalling night traditionally, but it's become so awful in recent years, that I decided to do one," said Matt.

"Usually on NYE everyone's like 'where shall we go, what shall we do- and if you want to go anywhere you can't because all the clubs are too expensive. Our night is very cheap; it's £10 to get in and £5 for guest list, it's mainly for friends and family.

It's almost like a semi-secret private Kashpoint party; we're just letting a few people know. We're planning a sing-a-long around the piano, doing Auld Lang Syne and the Congo and the Hokey-Cokey, so it's quite traditional in that sense," he added.

The notoriously trend-conscious character also revealed his big tip for 2004 is environmentalism, particularly global warming.

"I'm expecting sea level rises, with London becoming the New Venice," he predicted.

"Unfortunately that means that all basement clubs, including ours, are going to be flooded, so clubs are going to have to move to penthouses and we're all going to have to travel around in gondolas. Though being British, we'll be in rowing boats. You'll be able to hear me gliding through the City of London, coxing the Kashpoint 7."

Kashpoint takes place at the Purple Turtle, Camden, December 31st with mystery bands and 'more night-buses than Centre Point outside', Matt stressed.

Advance tickets cost £8