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Junior Vasquez Returns To New York's Sound Factory (Dec 6)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, November 15, 2003
New York's house scene is set to get a massive boost next month when Junior Vasquez returns to the Manhattan club where he first made his name, Sound Factory (Saturday December 6).

"It now looks like we may have no less than three (yes, three) major gay/mixed parties here in New York City on Saturday nights by the year's end," said Skrufff's new correspondent Matt Kalkhoff.

"That's Junior's new night and the Roxy, plus Crobar is opening in December with Victor Calderone doing New Year's Eve, then going twice a month on Saturdays."

"Ideally, it could return us to the old Saturday night party format of Victor early followed by Junior late," he added.

Junior Vasquez's name also appeared on the letters page of DJ Magazine last week following his appearance at a protest event in Washington,
D.C. against the RAVE Act.

"How disappointing to note that there were no British DJs billed to appear at the recent rally in Washington to protest this iniquitous piece of legislation (The RAVE Act)," letter writer MJ complained.

"Congratulations are due to Junior Vasquez and the other DJs who did have the guts to stand up and protest."