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Judge Jules- Metrosexuals Are Made-Up

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 20, 2003
Judge Jules has no plans to start calling himself a metrosexual in the New Year, he told Skrufff this week, adding, 'I think it's something you've made up- it's certainly not a trend I've noticed.'

Despite the Radio 1 DJ's protestations, his profile fits remarkably closely to the definition of the term used by US marketing guru Marian Salzman who earlier this year said 'a metrosexual is a heterosexual urban male who is interested in shopping, his own appearance, fashion and trends.'

"I'll stay kitsch but I'll stay off the make-up," he stressed.

Fashion issues aside, Jules remained otherwise upbeat about the overall state of dance culture, declaring '2003 has been a better year in clubland than 2002.'

"If anything attendances have crept up again, and middle aged journalists, whose landscape begins and ends in London, have been forced to eat their words regarding the death of dance culture," he added.

Jules will be travelling up North to Liverpool on Boxing Day to headline Cream's Xmas bash (alongside Fergie, Anne Savage, Tall Paul, John Kelly, Steve Lawler and loads more.)