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Judge Jules Condemns Greedy Superstar DJs

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, September 7, 2003
At least four of the world's top ten DJs are bumping up their fees by forcing international promoters to offer auction style bids for their services, Judge Jules revealed this week.

"One leading progressive DJ would rather stay at home not DJing if he can't get a £10-15000 fee, and regularly sits at home on a Saturday as a consequence," said Jules.

"He should hang up his headphones with an attitude like that. I love my job so much I'd still be doing this if it was only to 25 people."

Jules was responding to comments Ultimate Base chief Jim Masters made last week on Skrufff suggesting many top level DJs are ruining the global circuit, though disagreed with Jim's overall position.

"I think Jim Masters is being over-simplistic when he talks about the rape and pillage of individual regions," said Jules.

However, the Radio 1 DJ agreed that the money obsessed DJs are not doing the scene any favours.

"None of them would deny that the most gratifying clubs to play at are small ones, or at the very least to have an itinerary that contains some smaller gigs. But they're prepared to sacrifice the best part of DJing out of sheer greed," he added.

"Whilst I'm tempted to name names, I hope that the guys in question take a long hard look at themselves. What did they get into this business for in the first place-"

Jules' press agents, meanwhile, announced a series of upcoming dates ranging from South Africa, China and the USA, to Leeds University and Ayr in the UK.