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Jonny Slut in Miami: Do I Look Like a Slut- (Ah-Hah)

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 29, 2003
Customs officials at Miami airport stopped Atomizer's Jonny Slut last week and were shocked to discover an open tube of lube (lubrication) and an army size pack of condoms, he revealed this week.

"The customs guy disappeared then returned wearing rubber gloves, so I thought 'shit here we go' and was mentally preparing to have my cheeks parted, but he just carried on pulling out condoms," Jonny told Skrufff.

"After about 12 he's like, 'How long are you here for-' I told him 'four days' and he rolled his eyes."

The Nag Nag Nag promoter admitted he'd been nervous before the trip for more then one reason.

"I was dead scared to go at first partly because war had just broken out but mainly because I'd received an e-mail from some dude called Black Victor saying that he wanted to meet up.

"That name just conjures up a 7foot leatherclad fist-f-ucking Afro-american sadist, doesn`t it (or is it just me-)," Jonny laughed.

"We did meet up though and he turned out to be this sweet campy white guy with "couture whore" slogans pinned all over his body and a face full of glitter, so we got on like a house on fire."

His DJ set at the Soho lounge alongside his Nag Nag Nag colleagues Fil OK and Jo Jo Freq also went well, he revealed.

"Everyone seemed to know about Nag and when JoJo and I were playing they all stood around just staring at us and taking pictures of our hands. The photographer from Spin magazine was gesticulating to me to pretend to do some scratching moves, so I gave him my best 'swivel' move and directed his camera towards my arched eyebrow and withering glare."

"And by the way, I brought all twelve condoms back," he added.