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James Monroe to serve up a 4 HOUR SET at Freebase

Author: clea woods
Monday, April 28, 2003
After a huge set at Freebase's 3rd Birthday - James Monroe (UK / Flying Rhino) has agreed to deliver another blistering set to the Freebase faithful

If you missed his Freebase bday set, now is your chance to catch what many have been talking about all week.....

This Sunday May 4, James Monroe will serve up a 4 HOUR SET at Freebase.

James Monroe needs no introduction- but just in case....these words should help define the man...Flying Rhino , Technossomy, Bumbling Loons, Green Nuns, 4D, Stoop and Fidget. He has worked with Dick Trevor , Darshan and Gus Till. Quality is everything. You know it...we know it...

See you on the floor.

Freebase- Sunday May 4 at Seven
52 Albert Road
South Melbourne
Doors open 11pm.
Don't be late!!!