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Jackass Tim Deluxe Falls Flat On his Face

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Tim Deluxe is taking a complete break from DJing and travelling after injuring himself in a bizarre biking accident. The Underwater mainman attempted to ride a stunt bicycle across the stage at Shindig's birthday celebrations ' to wave at Erick Morillo', he admitted this week, though lost his balance and fell off a six foot stage (2 metres).

"My feet were strapped in and I couldn't get off the bike, the bike went over the side of the stage and I went with it," said Tim.

"There was blood everywhere, I was knocked out for at least a minute and was taken straight to hospital. It was supposed to be a funny trick but it went very wrong."

Onsite medics immediately resuscitated himand rushed him to hospital, where he was discovered to have suffered severe bruising, though no broken bones. Doctors have ordered him to take a complete rest, avoiding planes and long distance travel for at least two weeks.