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Israeli Cannabis Party Jostles for Power

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, January 25, 2003
Cannabis Legalisation campaigners from Israel's Green Leaf political party appear on course to win at least two Knesset seats in the country's upcoming elections, according to a report in leading Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz Daily.

The pro-legalisation group are also linked to Germany's Green party and are campaigning for civil liberties, environmental issues and greater social justice, said parliamentary candidate Dan Goldenblatt.

"The agenda in Israel has been manipulated and devoted only to the issue of peace and security for too long, with a total neglect of all other issues - and without any peace or security coming," he told Ha'aretz and also defended his party's stance on spliff.

"Cannabis is a metaphor for the injustice and the ludicrous way this country is run," he argued.

"Our solution on the issue of cannabis is just the first step toward a more compassion-based society with non-wasteful policies."

With Israel's political scene is disarray with corruption scandals plaguing Prime Minister Sharon, the Green Leaf party could gain significant political influence under the country's proportional representation political system.