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Ibiza Superstar DJs Host No Music Policy Party

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, July 19, 2003
Darren Emerson, David Guetta and DJ Lottie are headlining a new daytime event in Ibiza on August 9 which is based on the DJs dropping their usual musical styles in favour of 'punk-rock-pop, hip-hop-funk and Balearic anthems past and present.

Off Duty takes place at Playa D'En Bossa's new venue Pin-Up between four pm and midnight and will be 'ultimate no egos, no bollix DJ mash-up', organisers promise.

"There will be no set times and no formalities. Expect the unexpected as everyone delivers a collision of their interpretation of all that is good about music."

Other DJs confirmed include Tim Deluxe, Mat Playford and Yousef with further big names expected to turn up.

The event's promoters are asking clubbers to bring their own vinyl and CDs along to be played ('no matter how outrageous') and are also calling for more DJ to join in the event.

"This is an open challenge for any big name jock on the Island to dust down their old seven inches, come down and do a 30-minute anything goes set in return for huge amounts of alcohol," they say.

"If you think you've got the balls and music collection".