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Human League Original Superstar Producer Re-Remixes Dare

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, October 26, 2003
Legendary punk/pop/electro producer Martin Rushent is working on an entirely new remix album of Human League's seminal album Dare, after a ten year gap from the studio, he told Skrufff this week.

"I spoke to Phil Oakey about the project just a month ago and he's quite happy with me doing the new record all by myself," said Martin.

"I did Love & Dancing all on my own, 20 years ago, so he's quite happy to let me do that again."

Stressing his new take on Love & Dancing will be contemporary ('I'm definitely not doing it in an 80s style, If I get it wrong everybody will say 'I preferred the original') Martin also revealed he's working on never before heard material from the original sessions.

I've found a couple of tracks that we worked on as demos during Dare," he said.

"We got fed up with them at the time and dumped them, but they are actually really fucking good. They've never been released before."

Though he also achieved huge success producing seminal punk records for the likes of The Stranglers and even Joy Division, Dare remains his greatest achievement, he said.

"Phil had a vision that he wanted an electronic Abba, hence the two girls while I wanted to make an electronic funk album. We ended up with something radically different from both of our starting points but it was unique," said Martin.

"It was and still is, the greatest recording experience of my life. I had more fun making that fucking record than any other."

Photo info:
Title: DVD Screen Grabs
Artist: The Human League
Photographer: Various
Date: September 2003
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