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Hed Kandi's Disco Heaven Continues their Celestial Expansion

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 3, 2003
Hed Kandi's latest Disco Heaven compilation has just been released and includes tracks from Jay J, Michelle Weeks and Kathy Sledge plus loads more from UK house labels Soulfuric and Defected. Label chief/ radio presenter/ A&R man Mark Doyle made the selection as usual, and clearly applied the same technique he revealed to Skrufff in his latest interview.

"There's so much good music that's ignored; on the one hand you've got the very trendy compilations and at the other, the very commercial ones, with all this stuff in between that often doesn't make it onto CD," said Mark.

If you're an avid 12" vinyl buyer you'll own them, but lots of other people who like the songs, don't."

The hugely successful dance veteran continues to progress and develop his career, some 15 years after first discovering acid house in Ealing, West London.

"Longevity is gained from relationships you build with people. It's very easy to make money quickly but basically burn a lot of bridges (ie destroy relationships). I believe in helping people who help you."

Hed Kandi- Disco Heaven is out now.

(Hed Kandi at Ibiza Town's El Divino: every Saturday, starting June 28)