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Green Party Drug Activist Jailed for Cannabis Cultivation

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 3, 2003
Leading British civil liberties campaigner Shane Collins, the press officer for the Green Party, has been jailed for six weeks after being found guilty of cultivating cannabis.

"This is ludicrous when we're on the point of changing the law, it's even worse when the UK has its highest prison population ever," said Jenny Jones, Deputy Mayor of London (in a statement issued by the Green Party).

"The criminal justice system is under huge pressure, yet we're being heavy-handed on victimless crime."

Green party politician De Spencer Fitz-Gibbon was equally outraged, complaining 'it hardly seems just when you think Tony Blair has sanctioned the bombing of civilian targets in at least two countries and probably more, killing innocent people including children. Shane Collins wouldn't hurt a fly. I know which of them I think ought to be in custody."

Mr Collins' sentencing came as a former colleague of Tony Blair, former drugs minister Mo Mowlem. called for radical reformation of the entire prohibition style approach.

"I fundamentally believe the only way forward is legalisation," she told the Prison Reform Trust this week (Standard)