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Global Underground - Gone Forever

Author: michelle pirovich
Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Rumours quickly spread that one of dance music's most respected album series has come to a close. In order to dispel these rumours the directors of Global Underground posted this message on their message board. "The directors of Global Underground have voluntarily appointed administrators to restructure the company and help manage it through the current difficult financial climate that a lot of the industry is suffering. This is to dispel recent message board gossip on the subject."

People began to take notice of Global Underground when the legendary Tony De Vit compiled an innovative and timeless mix, what followed was to become the most ground breaking series to have emerged in dance music. Those who were featured on the GU series became the premier force in dance, Sasha, Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, Nick Warren to name but a few, and to date 24 GU albums have been released.

From the Global Underground series several more were spawned. 'Nubreed' became the making for many rising stars including Anthony Pappa, Danny Howells and Steve Lawler. Seb Fontaine emerged with 'Prototype' a series that was considered to be more commercial than other GU releases but successful all the same, Steve Lawler launched the 'Lights Out' series and most recently GU presented clubbers with 'Afterhours,' a post club sonic session that has generally been very well received.

Last year however was not a great year financially for the dance industry overall, and for Andy Horsfield and James Todd from GU, their Global Underground lifestyle is now under serious threat of being over. Global Underground have confirmed that they will be filing for bankrupcy and at this stage there will be no Nick Warren GU#25.