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Give Peace A Chance - Today!!!!

Author: peace project
Thursday, March 6, 2003
A Tribal - Stokes Street Studio Peace Proposal

Recently the citizens of Australia, and indeed the world, have shown their wish for a peaceful resolution to the US-Iraq conflict. In Australia, this impassioned expression for 'peace not war' has been dismissed as nothing more than the rantings of a 'faceless mob'.

As media communicators, media production house Tribal and design group Stokes Street Studio, wish to embark on a project that reflects that this assertion is anything but correct.

The 'Peace Project' proposes to project the faces of individuals who wish a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi situation to be sought, onto a screen in the Melbourne CBD area or the side of an actual building.

By doing this we hope to show that we are not a 'faceless mob', but everyday Australians from all walks of life who, after much consideration of the facts presented to us through the mass media,wish for a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi crisis rather than war. It is envisaged that each portrait will be 'on screen' for approximately 30 seconds, accompanied by a Christian name only - this in an effort to humanise and personalise the message.

Hopefully enough concerned Australians will respond so as that no picture need be repeated twice - thus creating a never ending projection of Australians who choose a peaceful resolution to the crisis rather than war.

To facilitate this, Tribal will be holding a photographic session on Thursday March 6 between 11am - 8pm.

We will have a team of photographers shooting digital photographs of those who wish to participate on this day.

It is envisaged that it will take no longer than 10 minutes of your time to be photographed.

If you feel that you would like to take a stand against the declaration of war against Iraq, we believe this project is worthy of your participation.

With enough participants and a high profile location, we believe media coverage will be assured, and that the anti-war sentiments expressed by the Australian public will no longer be able to be presented as 'non-representative of the Australian people'.

If you would like to take part in this very important project, please come along to the shoot on Thursday anytime between 11am-8pm.

Please forward this to any friends and family members who you feel may be interested. The more people who come along to the shoot, the more successful the project will be.

Please note: This project is not an endorsement for or protest against the points of view held by either the US or Iraqi governments. It is purely an endorsement of peaceful resolution over war.

'Peace Project'

A Tribal-Stokes St Studio Peace Proposal Photographic Shoot
Location: Tribal Studio, 50 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne
When: Thursday March 6, 11am-8pm
Catch the Bay St Bus from the City or Port Melbourne 109 tram from Collins Street.