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Gigolo's Real Gigolo Turns Another Trick

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, September 20, 2003
Electro super-producer Vitalic has snapped up The Silures excellent new italo-disco meets techno All You Can Eat EP for his own label Citizen Records.

The Silures is the recording name of Pascal Arbez-Nicolas and Linda Lamb, the New York vocalist who previously released Hot Room on DJ Hell's Gigolo label. Gigolo also played a major role in launching Vitalic's musical career, rescuing him ironically from his previous job as a gigolo.

"There's prostitution and the there's prostitution; the kind where you're desperate and the kind where you can choose," Vitalic told Benedetta Skrufff in an interview last year.

"It can be uncomfortable initially, but for me it was not so dirty, it wasn't like being in the streets approached by perverts," he revealed.

It wasn't sordid, trust me. It was a nice way to earn, and you can wear a suit, wear perfume, take them shopping, lounge around in hotels' swimming pools. It's a lot more dignified."