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Escape Presents 'Our House' Album Launch Preview

Author: Clea Woods
Friday, July 4, 2003
Friday 18 July the Fractured and Escape Crew are teaming up to bring you some of the biggest names in the Australian Electronic Scene...all on the one bill.

The night will feature:

Our House
Sean Quinn and Kasey Taylor are two of Melbourne's most active DJs in the progressive scene. They both hold residencies and have hectic interstate and international touring schedules. Our House earned a reputation among some of the genre's most influential players when Paul Oakenfold released their first single, "Floorspace" in 1999. Since then they have produced a studio album, which will be released later this year. The album is a collection of tracks which the duo have produced over four years and has a variety of styles from big, club tracks to breaks and laidback tunes. At Escape Sean and Kasey will play a 3-hour set and will preview tracks from the upcoming album.

Highland (Mark DiCristo)
Mark and Paul DiCristo formed Highland in 1997 with Marc Edwards and produced "Forsaken", a track that caught Dave Seaman's attention and subsequently appeared on his Renaissance CD. Highland have also played some huge shows, taking their live sound to the stage at Two Tribes and Advent*Jah. This time around Mark will play a solo decks and FX set using his extensive DJ skills to pack 'em tight on the dance floor.

Phil K
A DJ with over 15 years experience and one of Australia's most influential producers, Phil K is constantly pushing boundaries. His sets are an unpredictable experience, an education in dance music and a lesson in DJ equipment operation. Phil plays breaks, two-step, tribal, house, electro and progressive and mixes it into the ultimate soundtrack for a rhythmic dance floor journey.

Luke Chable vs. Gwill Morris (UK)
Luke Chable is currently being touted as Australia's best dance music producer and his track record backs it up. Having released over thirty tracks and remixes in the past two years to various labels, Luke is prolific as well as talented. His counter-part in the UK is Gwill Morris, another young, successful DJ/producer with his finger in all the right pies. Gwill has worked in the studio with Luke before so the chemistry should be just right. Their set will be a sonic battle between deep sounds and ballistic breakbeats. Watch the sparks fly when they get up and go head to head at Escape.

Escape Project (Dimitri Frost & Dean Ryan)
A partnership between Dimitri Frost and Dean Ryan, Escape Project pushes the sounds of tribal, progressive and breaks using four decks and FX. Their last set at Escape was a mix of tech house grooves and tribal bombs, giving way to atmospheric breakdowns and inspired acapellas. This time they come armed with a stack of new vinyl and a laptop full of sounds.

Brewster B
Brewster has been a purveyor of Aussie breaks for a long time. He has been bringing the sound of breaks to punters for years and has influenced many young DJs. He recently mixed up a CD for Ministry magazine, which featured all Australian breakbeat producers. Brewster will break the side room to pieces with a set of classics and fresh tunes.

Koan & Escape Project will be recording a live set for Escape DVD. Koan will use state of the art equipment to mix up live footage with his catalogue of visual delicacies.

...and local support from Gsan, Lynt, MC Direkt, Obliveus, Finna, Doppelganga, MC Skills.