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Drum & Bass Samplist Turns Tony Blair Into A Sex Criminal

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, November 22, 2003
Multiple persona electronic samplist Luke Vibert chatted to Skrufff contributor Andrez Bergen this week and revealed he's created some highly controversial cut and paste bootleg style records mocking Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"I did all these cut-up sample tracks where I was making Tony Blair talk about raping children," he revealed.

"But I hope some time they'll see the light of day. It's not really music, obviously, for me it's more in between comedy and music, but I get more of a thrill making that kind of stuff. It's really fun."

Vibert recently released an album Yoseph for Warp Records (his first album for the label) though also admitted he's made loads more tracks that are unlikely to ever come out.

"I do some stupid stuff that I could never possibly release with really famous samples in them," he confessed.

"It never stops me making a track, but it obviously stops me releasing them.

Luke's new album Yoseph is out now