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Drug Scandal Engulfs George Bush's Delinquent Daughters

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Barbara and Jenna Bush, the 21 year old daughters of George W, allegedly smoked pot at the home of American TV celebrity Ashton Kutcher, according to a shocking report in the new issue of Rolling Stone.

"The Bushes were underage drinking at my house," Kutcher told the respected music magazine.

"When I checked outside, one of the Secret Service guys asked me if they'd be spending the night. I said no. And then I go upstairs to see another friend and I can smell the green (marijuana) wafting out under his door. I open the door, and there he is smoking out the Bush twins on his hookah (pipe)."

In more presidential drug news, President Kennedy reportedly sniffed lines of cocaine at Frank Sinatra's house in the late 50s, according to a new book coming out in June. The revelations appear in Mr S, a 'tell-all book' written by Frank Sinatra's former valet, George Jacobs (Reuters).