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Discover who DJ Food is December 5

Author: Clea Woods
Thursday, November 20, 2003
Who is DJ Food-
Who indeed- The most often asked question in interviews and most widely misunderstood concept in reality, which we will, here & now, try to clear up once and for all. First off; DJ FOOD is a person, wrong, DJ Food is many persons, of who we will come to in a moment. DJ FOOD is best described as Food for DJs, simple as that, just flip it around and it begins to mean something entirely different.

But who makes this food then- Most of you will know that Matt Black & Jonathan More (aka Coldcut) are responsible for starting the DJ FOOD series of Jazz Brakes back in the early 90's, along the way they met Patrick Carpenter (PC) who was commonly misconstrued as the computer that they made the tracks on for a while.

A loose collaborative team began to form as more likeminded people arrived at the party; Paul Brook, Paul Rabiger, Strictly Kev and Issac Elliston to name a few. Whilst keeping their hand in as DJs, Matt & Jon couldn't / didn't want to DJ twice in one night under both aliases of Coldcut & Food so PC & Strictly stepped up to represent the Food club-wise. Over the years various combinations of people appeared as 'Food' in public and in music magazines the world over. Then everyone got confused.

So who is DJ FOOD now- For the purpose of this album, and for the time being at least, we would like you to think of it as PC & Strictly Kev as the band leaders / conductors, in conjuction with guest performers, producers & collaborations by the likes of Bundy K. Brown, Ken Nordine, & J. Swinscoe. (Jon & Matt having relinquished control to concentrate on Coldcut now that contractual restraints don't forbid them to use their original moniker).

DJ FOOD will dj alongside the Phantom Beats (Plastic Raygun, UK) and Fractured Support Djs.

Fractured Presents
Friday December 5 at Seven,
52 Albert Road, South Melbourne.
$20 on the Door.