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Disco Diva Legend to Become A Viscountess-

Author: Jonty Skruff
Saturday, June 14, 2003
70s disco icon Grace Jones is dating super-rich British toff Lord Cranbourne, and could be about to marry him, according to a reports in the latest issue of Tatler.

As well as starring in a James Bond film the 51 year old singer released a stream of disco classics in early 80s including Private Life, Pull Up to The Bumper and Nightclubbing and was also a fixture at Studio 54, during its hedonistic heyday. Her latest coupling prompted a typically nasty follow up in this week's News Of The World, asking 'what is that special something Viscount Wimborne, 35, sees in Grace Jones, 51-

Grace- biggest hit Slave To The Rhythm- likes leather and rubber fetish wear and as an Old Etonian, Viscount Whimper (sorry, Wimborne) would know an expert thrashing when he sees one."

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