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Devil's Ear @ Hard Kandy

Author: pr
Thursday, April 3, 2003
Combining the evil, twisted and raw talents of DJ Neuro, and production masters Klasic & Sanders (aka DJ Klasic & Ralph Sanders), HK introduces Australia's first hard trance production and DJ team - Devil's Ear.They work to fill the void in the hard trance scene, evolving a sound that has now becoming tagged as "HardStyle".

Their unique style combines power, darkness and rapture, inspired by the likes of Scot Project, Hennes & Cold, Schwarze Puppen and of course the Trance Generators.

So, if you're a fan of all things cruel, and can take a barrage of relentless punishment on the dance-floor, then the time has come to submit you to the wrath of Devil's Ear!

Come and see these boys in action they will impress. Support from DJs Scott Alert, Ajax, Krash, Jeremy K, Nexus and in the new Mix Up Room, Boydex, Hellkitte, Jahlion and Bret Little.

Dex (Billboards)