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Destra Launches Largest Legal Online Music Catalogue In Australia

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
This week Destra Corporation Limited (Australia's pioneering Digital Rights Management (DRM) provider), made music history when they re-launched their online music service, enabling consumers to legally purchase music tracks online for as little as 99c per track.

Destra's CEO, Mr. Domenic Carosa said, "We have been planning for this day for the last three years. Finally it has arrived and we are making music history! The music industry will never be the same again as we launch our new legal system for selling music." will be offering online digital music through its online retail partners -,, and With just under 100,000 tracks in the catalogue including dance artists Underworld, Cosmic Gate, Der Dritte Raum, BT and GT, DestraMusic plans to increase their catalogue and have over 500,000 tracks available for purchase by mid-2004.

Music will be in the Windows Media Player format and has built in technology for customers to copy the songs onto a CD three times. As well as to a portable media player, it will not allow the tracks to be transferred to pirate websites.

"We have built-in technology that will give the record companies protection from copyright violation, but will allow customers to make copies to CDs for playing in their car or portable CD player," said Domenic.