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Dedbeat Keep Their Word

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, January 25, 2003
Independent festival promoters Dedbeat are going ahead with February's upcoming holiday camp weekend as promised when they postponed the event last November.

"If we pursue the original date it could result in problems that would mean the end of Dedbeat," organisers said at the time.

"We could give you some bullshit excuse or proceed and deliver an event that is not up to our high standard, but we are not about taking the easy way out when quality is concerned."

The rescheduled event takes place at Pontin's holiday Village, in Hemsby, Norfolk (East England) and is headlined by Andrew Weatherall, Mike Paradinas and the Rephlex crew, and organisers have taken back control of all event bookings.

"Now you have absolutely no chance of being booked into a hard house weekender," they promised.

"Respect to those of you who have shown incredible patience by holding on to tickets and sorry for the cocking about to those who can't make it." (Tickers cost £90 per person and include self-catering accommodation (with en-suite bathrooms and TV) and 24 hour pub prices- no day tickets are available).