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Death Row Disown LA Cannibal Killer

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, April 19, 2003
Death Row Records boss Suge Knight has denied having any connection with Texas born rapper Big Lurch, who's currently awaiting trial accused of murdering his room-mate, 21 year old Tynisha Ysais, and ripping out her lung and eating part of it.

Big Lurch's mother this week issued a law suit against Knight's label, claiming Death Row had encouraged her son 'to act out in an extreme violent manner to make him more marketable as a gangsta rap artist' (Reuters).

"I don't know this guy… nobody from our company knows this guy, I never even heard the guy rap," Knight retorted.

"They're just looking to get paid, it's not only slander, it's fraud." (New York Times)

The story broke just days after Snoop Dogg escaped injury in a drive-by shooting incident when gunmen pumped bullets into his limousine. One of Snoop's bodyguards took a bullet in the back, during the assault on Fairfax Avenue (LA) though the notorious rapper escaped injury.