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David Beckham's Future is Bleak Predicts Lee Metamatics

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, June 28, 2003
Acclaimed electronica artist and fanatical Manchester City supporter Lee 'Metamatics' Norris told Skrufff this week he welcomed David Beckham's transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid, predicting 'Taggart (Alex Ferguson) will find it almost impossible to replace him."

The Cornwall based Mancunian revealed earlier this year that he hated watching England play because of United players like Beckham being in the team admitting 'whenever England play I always want the other team to win.

I think David Beckham is a good footballer, but he plays for the scum, so I could never cheer him on."

Despite Beckham's ridiculously over-hyped departure from United, Lee apparently retains at least some resentment towards the fashion icon footballer.

"If reports are true and Steve McManamon comes to (Manchester) City then Beckham will take his place warming the Real Madrid subs bench," Lee predicted.

On a musical note, Lee, who also records as Nacht Plank and Norken, is set to swap remixes with legendary electronic pioneer and fellow Mancunian John Foxx in the near future. His best name Metamatics was inspired by John Foxx' seminal electronic album Metamatic, which came out in the 70s when he walked away from Ultravox.