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Dave Clarke won't play in America

Author: Chrish
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Dave Clarke, who kicked off a series of UK live dates this week to support his forthcoming 'Devil's Advocate' LP on Skint, says he is no longer interested in playing DJ gigs in the US.

The Brighton-based DJ/producer takes four to six flights every week, but says he has stepped down his long haul trips in recent years. "I won't go to America because I really can't be bothered to get a visa and I really can't be bothered to go through airport security over there with my record bags because I just know they're gonna ask me to check 'em in and then just loose 'em."

In an interview he told BiB his worst experience of jet lag came after he played Australia's Big Day Out festival a couple of years ago, "I never could believe it but it actually took me two and a half weeks to get back to normal and it really hurt - I ended up watching George Bush on CNN just to fall asleep.