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Dave Clarke Five Live

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 18, 2003
Britain's greatest techno producer Dave Clarke has announced details of a short UK live tour, where he'll be show-casing tracks from his excellent new album Devil's Advocate.

It'll be me doing my thing, but in a punky way", he promised.

The notoriously prickly character, who spent much of the late 90s actively campaigning against illegal drugs, continues to indulge his own vices, he admitted, including driving a 'double-glazed Mercedes S500' sports car.

"I do smoke cigars, I do like fast cars and I do wear black," Clarke conceded this week.

"But there's more to me than that."

Monday 27th October: The Boutique @ Concorde 2, Brighton
Friday 31st October: Pressure @ The Arches, Glasgow
Friday 1st November: Shine, Belfast
Thursday 27th November: Scala, London: Dave Clarke LIVE plus guest DJ Andrew Weatherall
Saturday 29th November: Gatecrasher @ Birmingham NEC, Birmingham