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DVD Review - Berserk War Cry Episodes 1-5

Author: nigel tan
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Berserk follows the movements of the stories hero 'Guts' (originally 'Gutstu' in the non-dubbed version). Set in medieval Europe, Guts is a proud and brooding character whose wonderings are cut short when he joins a band of mercenaries called "The Band of the Hawk".

Berserk is a little more gritty than your usual anime choosing to give its main character a background full of child abuse and darkness that makes us believe in his untrusting nature and pig-headed pride. We know this through the power of the wobbly flash back, where we are also introduced to his ridiculous weapon, a sword which looks to be at least three feet taller than he is. (Watch how his sword apparently grows in proportion to him in his flash backs).

An intriguing plot line is the relationship between Guts and his leader Griffith. Griffith is a fey lady-boy character that you occasionally find in anime that can be difficult for Westerners to get their head around. Their relationship is often speculated on in anime news groups. Take for instance the nude water fight scene, genitalia unnervingly smoothed over, where Griffith proclaims, "You belong to me, I will choose the place where you will die for me".

There is a certain economy of animation where still frame are mixed in to supplement some scenes. This is minor though in what is an original piece of anime where there is more complex character development and that continues through the series so you can't help but be hooked by the whole soap opera.

Original Comic Book Created By: Kentaro Miura
Directed By: Naohito Takahashi
Distributed By: Madman Entertainment
Rated M