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DJ Hell Likes Girls (Particularly Their Knickers)

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, January 11, 2003
DJ Hell, who'll be marking Gigolo Records 100th release with a limited edition pair of knickers chose ladies underwear because 'I like girls and I like knickers', he said this week. The German disco-electro figurehead has teamed up with leading London lingerie label Agent Provocateur to offer 500 pairs of Hell endorsed briefs in February

"The 100th release was a chance to create something very gigolo in a new sense, which is why I choose to work with Agent Provocateur," said Hell.

"Agent Provocateur is renowned for its very sexy, stylish and almost cult reputation. We are honoured that they have allowed us to sell the limited edition knickers."

The knickers will only be available from the four Agent Provocateur shops (in London, New York and Los Angeles).