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DJ Fergie's Jail Terror: I Thought I'd Be Raped All Night

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Techno/ ex-hard house hero DJ Fergie chatted to Skrufff last week about his upcoming gigs at Godskitchen's Christmas parties in Birmingham and Belfast and also discussed his terrifying experiences in a US jail, when he was busted for drunkenly trying to snatch a number plate in Philadelphia, five years ago.

The then 18 year jock had been touring the States on a Trade tour with Alan Thompson, when an unfortunate prank saw local police arresting him and locking him up in their communal cells for 36 hours.

"When I walked in, the other prisoners were all banging on the doors going 'Jerry, Jerry, Jerry', doing that Jerry Springer chant, though fuck knows why," Fergie recalled.

"The guards let me use the phone and as I was using it the prisoners then started chanting 'I'm a chick with a dick and I'm gonna' fuck you up the ass'. I was thinking 'Holy fucking shit, I think I'm in the wrong place here'."

Fergie's troubles, however, had only just begun, he quickly discovered.

"Next day they transported me to Philadelphia's main prison, The Curran- Fromhold Prison and I had to wear an orange boiler suit, the lot- I couldn't fucking believe it," he said.

"You get put in a wing of the prison and once you're locked up, you've got to go through a seven day process, starting at the top of the prison in a cell with a big glass door and no beds, with ten prisoners in the cell. You go in one cell one day, then another the next and you just keep moving down the line until you get to the front desk. After seven days, you're then sent up to the Big House (main prison)," he added.

"A prisoner told me if you get put in Ward D don't go because you'll be fucked all night; you'll be raped non-stop", Fergie shuddered.

"I just remember the screw (prison officer) coming to get me on the 7th day thinking 'Fucking hell, my star's getting busted tonight'. But it turned out I'd been bailed out."

Fergie DJs at Godskitchen's Christmas parties at Air (Birmingham) and Belfast's King's Hall on Boxing Day (December 26) [not Gatecrasher as incorrectly stated last week).