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Could You Be A Club Killer- Maybe . . .

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 31, 2003
New York club kid turned journalist/ author James Saint James appeared in the Sunday Times this week discussing the circumstances behind club promoter Michael Alig's killing of Angel Melendez and denied that drugs had been a factor in the death.

Many people believe that it was the drugs that caused Michael to kill Angel. I disagree, " said James.

"If he had just tried crack and heroin and special K (ketamine) for the first time and -whoops- gone on a murderous rampage, that would have been one thing. But by the time the murder happened, he had been doing that particular combination of drugs for so long that he was more himself on the drugs than he was off them. In fact, the drugs probably kept him from killing someone sooner," he suggested.

Skrufff's man-in-New York Larry Tee, an equally close associate of Alig, was less than impressed by Saint James' assertions.

I believe that the drugs were the total reason Michael killed Angel," said Larry.

"James was one of the few of Michael's friends that hung out with him even after he confessed," he continued.

"If James thought Michael was a cold blooded killer, what does that say about James-"