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Chris Lum - Sat 11 Oct 2003

Author: Phreakin
Friday, September 26, 2003
Chris Lum is widely considered to be a key player in the development of the San Francisco house scene. He has been heavily involved in its development as a producer, retail figure and well-respected DJ.

Originally migrating from Los Angeles, where he helped open the now internationally renowned record store "Beat Non-Stop". As a DJ, Chris Lum is well respected and his name is still associated with timeless parties in San Francisco. He is respected for his classic house sound, solid mixing skills and dance floor energy.

With partner Jay-J, Chris also runs San Francisco's prestigious recording facility, Moulton Studios. Moulton Studios is home to some of San Francisco's hottest producers. Based upon the highest standard of quality coming from the studios.

Most recently Chris has established a reputation as a solid producer, with a unique style and distinctive sound. Pumping beats to get the crowd moving and deep moody layers to deliver his messages. Releases from Tango, Siesta and NRK are a testament to Lum's reputation as a producer on the rise.

Phreakin's untouchable DJs on the night:
Throughout two rooms: Jeff Tyler - Brad Daniels - Luke Bowditch Vs Pip D'Aloia - Andrew Padula Vs Sam Fraser - Tyson - Dave Maslen - Blanka - Ivan Gough - Keltec Vs Sean Quinn

Phreakin decor: Setting the party environment, with our renowned comfy friendly decor

Production: Extra sound, Function One Sound System (as heard at Dizzy)

Phreakin CD: Free Phreakin CDs to every payer who walks in on the night!

Venue: Room 680 - 680 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn
Doors Open: 10pm till Late
Tickets: Members $20.00, General $28.00
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