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Chris Coco's Search For a Star

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Balearic, downtempo maestro Chris Coco Mellor is seeking undiscovered singers to collaborate on his upcoming album, which he's currently working on for an upcoming release on Distinctive Records.

"I'm after really interesting individuals," Coco told Skrufff this week. "My theory is, that to make a really great album you need to find your own voice and make that voice stronger than any of the collaborations. And to do that I want to find singers who aren't known for doing certain other things. So it's not just Nick Cave singing on top of a track."

Coco's last album, the critically acclaimed Next Wave, featured collaborations from novelist Iain Banks, Hollywood movie star Patrick Bergen and Fleetwood Mac's lost guitar genius Peter Green as well as Cave, though this time he's determined to find new talent.

"To use a hippy word, it's all about a person's vibe, the person's attitude and what they're like as much as how musically adept they are," said Chris.

"You need to have a relationship with the singer rather than managing, manipulating and telling them what to do, it's supposed to be a collaboration."

Insisting he's not intending to host Pop Idol-style auditions Chris is hoping to unearth unusual rather than bland singers and is open to possibilities.

"We want somebody who can contribute something though we don't yet know what that something is," he says.

"If someone's from a different background to our downtempo chillout vibe then that's even better- we'd love to find a singer from a punk band or electro act, whatever. We want a ridiculous clash of ideas."

Interested singers should contact Chris at (or even better send him an MP3 sample of your voice, to the same address).