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Chicago House Hero Faces Leg Amputation

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 18, 2003
Surgeons operated to remove the right leg of American house producer Paul Johnson this week, after the legendary DJ/producer was rushed to hospital suffering from massive pain in his lower extremities.

The Chicago producer's best known hit remains Get, Get Down, though since starting his career in 1985, he'd maintained a prolific musical output, releasing over 40 twelve inch singles, six full length albums and countless remixes for peers including Green Velvet, Armando and Joey Beltram

"Paul Johnson has asked us to notify the public of his condition and he requests your prayers and thoughts during this time of struggle in his personal life," Paul's label Dust Traxx said in an official statement released just before his operation (October 16).

"Paul wishes to assure everyone that with your love, prayers, and support that once recuperated he plans to take us all on a wild ride as only he can. Until further notice, all scheduled appearances and tours are cancelled."

Anyone wishing to send him their greetings may do so by writing to him in care of Dust Traxx at this address: