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Cannabis Culture's Corporate Future

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, February 8, 2003
Britain's 6 million cannabis smokers spend so much money on products to enhance their smoking, that legalisation could save the British economy, the Observer revealed this week.

Typical smokers apparently spend an average of £20 per session on associated goods like munchies (snacks including pizza, Mars bars and fizzy drinks) and specialist TV channels like Discovery, the paper suggested.

"They don't like shiny, noisy environments with lots of choices, like Macdonalds," said researcher Andy Davidson (from Research Business International).

"That doesn't mean they won't still go out for a big night once a week, but they avoid the sort of pubs that have heavy bouncers on the door".

Mr Davidson also suggested using cannabis was 'no longer a moral issue'.

"Businesses targeting the youth market can no longer ignore the fact that almost half of their customer base is getting stoned every day," he said.