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Bush & Blair's War-Mongering Terrorises Most Brits

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, February 15, 2003
Mainstream media and organisers of London's demonstration against war on Iraq are expecting over one million British citizens to descend on Central London this weekend, with the US and UK administrations cited as the principal cause.

"Our best recruiting agents have been Bush and Blair," Stop The War Coalition spokesman Andrew Murray told the Guardian.

"The only people we are not attracting are high Tories (Conservatives) and New Labour cheerleaders."

The Daily Mirror also challenged Tony Blair's unconditional support for President Bush, warning instead of Al Qaida's 'truly deadly peril on our own doorstep.'

"None of us wants to feel at risk. None of us wants to feel threatened. None of us wants to die at the hands of terrorists," The Mirror pointed out.

"None of us wants to see tanks and armed soldiers at our airports or on our streets. Yet that is what's happening- not because of Saddam Hussein but because of our involvement with George Bush."