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Brazilian Clubbers & DJs Mobilise to Promote Electronic Music

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, July 26, 2003
DJs and clubbers in Brazil have teamed up to launch AME (the Association of Electronic Music Friends) an organisation founded to help nurture and expand electronic music culture in the South American country.

The organisation is being fully supported by Sao Paulo local authorities and will be organising a street parade in the city on October 2, founder member Camilo Rocha told Skrufff this week.

Camilo (who as well as being Skrufff's local correspondent is one of Brazil's most popular tech-house DJs) said that one of the organisation's key aims will be to emphasise the cultural significance dance culture has, beyond the parties and clubs.

"We believe it is time to speak out about the good things happening in the scene: the talent, the music being exported worldwide (Marky, Renato Cohen etc), the friendly atmosphere and the non-violence, as well as several social projects taking place," he said.

"We want to show that electronic music has everything to do with social integration, job creation, improvement of self-esteem, development of new artistic talent and the promotion of a good image of Brazil abroad. The Association wants to show that behind the apparent irresponsible hedonism of a party there is a cultural, social and economic movement taking place," he added.

AME also plans to launch awareness campaigns over issues such as safe sex, harm reduction and hearing protection and will be hosting benefit events to collect donations of clothes, provisions and toys for distribution amongst Brazil's poor communities.

Parada Da Cidade Musica Eletronica Para Todos (City Parade: Electronic Music For All) takes place on October 26, in Sao Paulo. For more information on both the Parade and AME, contact Bruna Monteiro at the address below: