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Australian Promoter Blasts 'Pathetic' GHB Users

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 20, 2003
Spiro from outdoor party trance organisation Earthcore issued a furious statement directed at GHB users this week, after a number of revellers ended up collapsing after taking the drug at his latest event.

"Here are a few examples of pathetic behaviour that could have ended in tragedy," Spiro stormed.

"14 ambulances were called to our event, 8 of those were GHB/GBH overdoses; one person has just been released from intensive care after overdosing on GBH; one person dived into the log infested river and suffered severe injuries (and) one person after being discharged from hospital, was returned to the event by a member of their family," he said.

"From now on people engaging in or encouraging stupid risk taking behaviour will be ejected from our events. Get your shit together or stay home where you belong," he added.

"I am personally over the bullshit and pathetic behaviour of some who would destroy it all for everyone else."

The most infamous GHB related incident remains that of 25 year Brit Samantha Counts, who pulled out 18 of her own teeth with pliers last year, after drinking GHB and hallucinating that a luminous green and pink fly had flown into her throat.

"I was convinced there was a witch inside of me and I went upstairs, sat on the bed and started to pull out my teeth," she told a Bolton court, after her boyfriend was accused of ripping them out.

"I could hear the witch laughing," she added.

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