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Atomizer In New York- What The Fuck's a Celebrity Barman-

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 20, 2003
Nag, Nag, Nag duo Fil OK and Jonny Slut (aka Atomizer) stormed Manhattan last weekend, wooing crowds at Crobar's Outsider Festival as well as leaving a trail of disgruntled barmen and poseurs in their wake.

"We had a right laugh at the festival," Jonny told Skrufff.

"We had particular fun backstage at Crobar, insulting all the Williamsburg (read Hoxton) wankers."

Fellow Atomizer man Fil OK told Skrufff most people they'd encountered were 'really, really nice, friendly and interesting', with the exception of a few 'stereotypically loud Americans' plus a few of the city's notorious bartenders.

"Jonny and I DJed at APT on Sunday night, a very trendy club in the meat packing district," said Fil.

"At first the 'oh-so-cool' bar staff wouldn't let us put flyers on the tables, but after we ripped the club apart with a back to back full-on 4hour Nag set, I think they felt a bit petty."

The flamboyant duo fortunately didn't run into VIP cocktail shaker Toby Chechini, who last week branded Brits in New York 'arrogant, clueless freaks' in the Daily Telegraph.

"We did meet a waitress who we christened Selma, after Marge Simpson's sister, but that was in Boston," said Jonny.

"But what the fuck is a celebrity barman-"

A few tickets are still available for Nag's NYE party which features Jonny, Fil, JoJo and special guest Adam Sky at their usual home, The Ghetto. Tickets cost just £15).