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Artists make a stand for 'peace not war'

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Monday, February 10, 2003
Continued Success of Peace Not War CD Demonstrates Strength of Global Anti-War Sentiment

6 February 2003, London, UK: Contributing artists from the Peace Not War CD, the acclaimed anti-war compilation, are gathering in London to show their support for the peace movement and the Stop the War Coalition. Many intend
to be present at the march on the 15th February, at which over a million protestors are expected to attend. With the recent overturning of the ban of the march from Hyde Park, a number of artists from the CD will be performing at the event.

The Peace Not War CD features artists such as Miss Dynamite, Billy Bragg, Slovo, Roots Manuva and Massive Attack, and has inspired a global anti-war trend in the musical community, prompting the compilation of a second CD, due for release in March 2003.

The first double CD brings together 31 songs from different genres, by culturally diverse artists - from established recording stars to unsigned musicians, opposing the War On Terror and making noise for peace. The compilation is being sold worldwide, with all proceeds going to local peace
groups in each country.

Chumbawamba are just one of the groups who will be present at the march: "Playing at the Washington DC anti-war rally in the USA made us realise two things: firstly, just how bizarre and destructive it is that our Prime Minister is ignoring the wishes of the British people and playing lapdog to a right-wing warmongering President. Secondly, how huge and diverse is the opposition to this intended war. We were moved and inspired by the rally in DC, and we know that the American people are moved and inspired by the demonstrations in Britain. We'll be at the march and rally on February 15th.
We will carry a banner, which reads: 'War is Terrorism with a Bigger Budget'.

What started as a small project to create a fundraiser CD for the Stop the War Coalition has snowballed, with a number of high-profile artists donating anti-war tracks and giving their time to help the anti-war effort. Billy Bragg, one of the UK's most outspoken anti-war musicians sums it up: " The
fact that the artists involved are giving their time and tracks free of charge and that artists as diverse as Massive Attack, Chumbawamba and Ms Dynamite can sit side-by-side on one album just goes to show that anti-war sentiment crosses all musical divides and genres."

The Peace Not War CD is available from HMV, Virgin, MVC and other good record stores, and from local peace groups affiliated with the Stop the War Coalition. International distribution by ShellShock.

Profits from CD's go to local peace groups in each country the CD is distributed in.

Featured artists on CD 1: Alabama 3, Ani Difranco, Billy Bragg, Bindi Blacher, Change, Chumbawamba, Crass, Coldcut, DJ DisOrientalist, Funmental, Ginger Tom, GM Babyz, Gurlfiend, John Lester, Laszlo Beckett, Massive Attack, Midnight Oil, Ms Dynamite, Mud Family, Nitin Sawhney,
Persian Carpets, Pok & the Spacegoats, Public Enemy, Roots Manuva, Seize The Day, Sia, Slovo, Tariq Ali (Asian Dub Foundation remix), The Mark of Cain, The Unpeople (John Pilger remix), Torben & Joe.