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Artist jailed for missing album deadline

Author: LDJM
Saturday, August 9, 2003
In a bizarre contractual arrangement, an independent record label has put their No. 1 artist in prison for not completing an album by the agreed deadline....

TRL Music specified in a contract with their artist Dessy, that if his album was not completed by 1st July 2003, he would be placed in solitary confinement until it was finished, with only his studio gear and a few personal possessions.

Dessy has now become a cult figure from Scandinavia to North America due to his daily diary postings on his web site from his prison cell, which is at an undisclosed location.

TRL spokesperson, Becky Williams said: When we took Dessy on, it was well documented that his output wasn't exactly substantial. His initial tracks created such a buzz that demand for his debut album has been growing as far back as last year. On discussing the deadline, Dessy joked that we could lock him away if he didn't deliver the album on time. We initially put the clause in as a bit of fun as the deadline was totally achievable. We couldn't believe it when the deadline passed.

Dessy, whose regular diary on his website ( is a daily read for fans worldwide, wrote: Things were going really well until Big Brother started. June just disappeared. I couldn't believe my label actually went through with it. I knew about the clause and signed the contract so I only have myself to blame.

At first I had a creative burst, as I had no distractions. All I have is my studio gear, a phone that can take incoming calls, a computer and internet connection. They've blocked access to sites such as Big Brother. The only thing that keeps me going at times is the communication with fans on my discussion forum. They've been great.

Dessy, whose forthcoming album tracks are available on his website, has been sent care packages by some people and one fan has even started a Free Dessy campaign and has had t-shirts printed up. Dessy, whose chill-out dance music has been compared to Roykspp, Moby and Lemon Jelly said: I'm starting to wonder what this dank environment is going to do to my music style. Hopefully the album wont end up sounding like Morrissey.

The album is expected to be finished in four months but could take be longer....