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America's RAVE Act Threatens Clubbers' Lives

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 31, 2003
Draconian anti-nightlife laws which threaten promoters and club owners with 20 year jail sentences if any drug use occurs at their events, could kill clubbers, civil liberties activist Bill Piper from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) warned this week.

"Implementing public safety measures like freely available water, air-conditioned rooms, and on-call paramedics is common sense when dealing with any large gathering of people, " said Mr Piper.

"Unfortunately, the RAVE Act may make business owners too afraid to implement such safety measures, and it could cost lives."

His warning came as clubbers and civil liberties activists continued to mobilise an 'aggressive' campaign to overturn the act, with protest raves taking place across the States this weekend (Saturday May 31).

"With the RAVE Act, Congress put cross-hairs on electronic music and hip hop fans and the businesses that cater to them," Mr Piper continued.

"Now, these constituencies are getting organized like never before and politicians that support this law will face opposition from young voters, civil libertarians, and business owners at every turn."