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Alex Silverfish Remixes Kylie

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 18, 2003
Alex Silverfish, the former London underground techno player who last year started a sex reassignment program, has been selected to remix Kylie Minogue's new single Slow, Alex told Skrufff this week.

"Having spent years on the techno underground I didn't know much about Kylie before but Fischerspooner turned me onto her with their fantastic remix of 'Come Into My Life'," she said.

"I've done the remix with my co-producer Electrobelle and DJ Rokk from The Cock and I'm delighted Kylie's chosen it."

Alex also now DJs at The Cock regularly and has just started a residency at Save The Robots, spinning alongside one of London's greatest transvestite DJs Tasty Tim.

"Alex is the most genius transsexual, though what Alex and I do are totally different things," Tasty, who only dresses up for shows, told Skrufff.

"It takes a lot of guts to live that life and I for one have nothing but the highest praise for her."

Alex's mix is coming out under the name 'Synth City (Alex Silverfish - Dj Rokk - Electrobelle)' and will be available in the UK on 7inch vinyl and on CD on the full commercial release in Japan and Australia.

Alex DJs at 333 (alongside ex Depeche Moder Andy Fletcher at Dietrich this Friday (17) then at new electro-gay-discoteria Save The Robots (Fire) on Saturday (18).