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A night with Lenny Fontana

Author: pr
Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Family and Sam Kodsi present "A night with Lenny Fontana"
Saturday March 22 - The History of House

"When I made my first communion," reminisces N.Y.C. house producer/DJ Lenny Fontana, "instead of putting my communion money in the bank, I bought records with it! And when I got home, my parents weren't too happy -- they were like, 'How could you do that-' But I always loved music, even before I started DJing. My cousin showed me some tricks on his turntables and the next thing I knew, I had to go out and buy turntables."

A veteran of house music, Lenny Fontana has been recognized worldwide as one of the original "HOUSE MUSIC GREATS".

Saturday March 22, Lenny Fontana will open the Main room and remain behind the decks until Close

Delivering a 7 hour lesson in House that no one should miss