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W.I.T.- The Abba of Electroclash-

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, September 22, 2002
"It was great performing on the continent recently, because electroclash is much bigger over there and it's revived our popularity, even with the younger audiences. I really like it too, though I don't think it's had the big hitters yet that it needs. There isn't an Abba or The Beatles in electroclash yet, but they'll come, I'm sure."

Speaking to Skrufff recently after a short Human League European tour, Phil Oakey admitted he'd been so inspired by the growing electro trend that he was planning to write some "electroclashy" music of his own, under a new name.
Already ahead of him though, is New York electroclash king Larry Tee, whose
Delightfully raunchy girl group WIT just might snatch the ABBA crown.

Sitting in a private members bar on a sunny autumn afternoon, Christine Doza (the dark haired one) is joined be Melissa Burns (the doll like one whose two sisters perform in Chicks on Speed) and Danielle, an Australian ex-model and prettiest of the three. All three are infectiously friendly and clearly happy presenting a united front with distinct echoes of girl power. Yet unlike the Spice Girls, all three are articulate and opinionated, notably Christine, previously best known as a highly rated underground feminist writer.

" I was brought up in the South in Nashville, the music city" (she says, purring ironically). "I went to school (college) in New York City and that's how I ended up there. I was studying Math (mathematics). There was no practical reason for choosing that subject, I just really enjoyed it."

Australian born Danielle, whose stage persona is reminiscent of Daryl Hannah's Bladerunner android role, turned up in New York for more predictable reasons, and hasn't been home for over two years.

"I went to New York to model," she reveals. "I was with an agency called Click and I lived in Paris for 11 months before going to New York. I was doing catwalk stuff mainly. It wasn't really working out because of the effects of the Twin Towers attack on the economy. Since I joined WIT my life's had so much more meaning. It's been really cool and it just so happens that all this exciting stuff has started happening."

And unlike the usual audition route favoured by typical manufactured bands Danielle hooked up with the others though clubbing.

"Melissa and I kept on seeing each other at the same parties and we'd always been the last ones on the dance floor. We'd also always be at the same after parties," she laughs.

"They were going to do auditions then they decided to choose me because I understood the electro music and what the scene's about. She asked me if I wanted to join one day, I didn't have much else going on at the time so I thought 'Why not-'" The trio were chatting to Skrufff's Jonty Adderley in a deserted bar above Liverpool Street Station.

Skrufff: What do you make of London-

WIT (Christine): " I like it, it reminds me a lot of New York with all the bustling and cosmopolitan mix of people. We're really enjoying it. I just can't remember keeping to the left. I've also had a really good experience of the English so far (laughing again). They've been really sweet and generous."

WIT (Melissa): "It's been nice here because we're really new, we're shocked that anyone's even aware of us. I'm shocked that we're sitting her with you right now."

Skrufff: WIT stands for Whatever It Takes, are you on a mission-

WIT (Melissa): "The name is a joke and is meant tongue-in-cheek, it's not serious. We're talking about that attitude of being crazy to make it the top, which you don't get with men. The cliches about girl groups are different from boy's bands."

Skrufff: Did you two (Melissa and Christine) also meet in clubs-

WIT (Melissa): "Yeah, she was like really friendly, we hit it off right away."

Skrufff: How long was there between being clubbers to becoming singers-

WIT (Melissa): "We're still clubbers. Melissa and I were friends for several years then we recruited this one