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The CIA Claim Brits Love Designer Drugs and Money Laundering

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, November 30, 2002
Britain is a 'major consumer of synthetic (designer) drugs' and a 'gateway for Latin American cocaine entering the European market', according to the latest edition of the CIA's World Handbook.

The US intelligence service also warns that Tony Blair's country is a 'money-laundering centre' and a 'major consumer of Southwest Asian heroin', in an otherwise positive assessment of the UK for 2002.

Their findings coincided with a new report on British drug use published this week which focused on a new culture of 'sensible' drug users, ie otherwise law abiding young people maintaining careers whilst limiting their drug use to weekends.

"The sample (of drug users) see their substance use as de-stressing, chilling out activity, whereby intoxicated weekends and going out to 'get out of it' is the antidote to the working week," research chief Professor Parker told the Guardian. The Manchester University academic also suggested the new attitude could have profound implications for drug policy in Britain.

"As primarily educated, employed citizens with otherwise conforming profiles, they challenge the 'war on drugs' discourse which prefers to link drug use with crime and personal tragedy and utilises this discourse as a reason for not calling a truce," he pointed out.