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Stalag Glastonbury 2002

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, January 19, 2002
This year's Glastonbury, which still requires a licence, will see unprecedented levels of security, says Festival organiser Michael Eavis, speaking on the festival's official website. For the first time, people and vehicles without tickets will be barred from entering the surrounding areas and car parks which is likely to displace the many thousands of ticketless revellers who usually party at outdoor sound systems outside the site's perimeter.

This year's fence is also going to be much more robust than in previous years and will be virtually impossible to get through, Eavis is promising.

"We've designed a new fence, one that can't be taken apart, climbed over or tunnelled through," he says.

"This year things have got to change for good, otherwise the festival will be gone, for ever, So this message has to be understood - you will not get in without a ticket. The festival site can't practically be made any bigger than it is. There is only so much room. In order for the festival to continue, we have to keep the numbers within limits that can be shown to be safe. And this is the last chance we have to succeed."