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Prince Harry Deserves "A Good Thumping", According to Tonga's Crown Prince

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, January 19, 2002
Drug users such as Prince Harry need "a good thumping" to be cured of their addiction, Tonga Crown Prince Tupouto told the Daily Telegraph last week, just one day before his English counterpart was exposed as a cannabis smoking, teenage delinquent.

"Let the police thrash the habit out of them (drug users)," the Crown Prince recommended.

The 17year old prince's double life as a hard drinking, drug-taking hooligan was uncovered by the New of the World newspaper, who revealed that Harry's bad boy behaviour had centred around English country pub the Rattlebone Inn. More surprisingly, Harry maintained a sinisterly named party pad, Club H with decks and a well stocked bar, based inside Prince Charles' Palace at Highgrove.

Prince Charles reportedly punished his son by making him spend one day visiting a drug rehab centre, though the scandal appears to have had a further knock-on effect at Harry's school, Eton College.

According to The Times, Eton Headmaster John Lewis "appears to have bent its own strict rules on drugs to allow Prince Harry to escape expulsion," having known of Harry's drug use since July.

Clubland chief James Palumbo (Ministry Of Sound) also attended the top Toff's private school some years ago, and during his time there as the school's head boy, personally expelled some fellow students for smoking marijuana.

"> (Help Prince Harry: Denounce the UN Single Convention on Narcotics) ("Eton college, popular with British Royals")