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Primal Scream Brand US Authorities As 'Sick Vampires'

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, August 3, 2002
Controversial rock singer Bobbie Gillespie has launched a ferocious assault on America's ruling elite, labelling US authorities 'sick fucks'. The Primal Scream singer, whose band attracted controversy for showcasing a song called Bomb The Pentagon last August, claimed that US leaders are "high on blood and power", telling the Guardian this week, "they're vampires".

"Do you remember when they bombed Iraq in 1990, they had a lot of cameras, watching the bombing of Baghdad- They showed you the streets, but they never showed themselves blowing up the hospital with loads of kids inside," said Gillespie.

"But I'm sure the fucking US government have got that footage and they'll be sat jacking each other off, watching it. They're just sick fucks."

Despite his uncompromising comments, he also admitted that his band have discarded the title of their "Bomb The Pentagon" track (renaming it Rise), though mocked journalists who've criticised the change. His challenge presumably includes his harshest recent critic, Simon Price who published an equally ferocious piece some week's before.

"It's difficult to decide what was more embarrassing: Bobbie Gillespie's belated and rudimentary discovery of global politics at the age of 39 or his squirming climbdown post September 11 (when they said "bomb the Pentagon" they didn't literally mean "bomb the Pentagon", blah, blah")," said Price (Independent).

"The crux of the argument is whether Gillespie is an idiot savant or whether the 'savant' bit isn't necessary."